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7th International Conference on Mathematical Models & Computational Techniques in Science & Engineering

Review on Λ-Fractional Analysis

Prof. Konstantinos Lazopoulos
National Technical University of Athens, Greece
E-mail: kolazop@mail.ntua.gr


Applying a new Fractional derivative, the Λ- Fractional Derivative, with the corresponding Λ-Fractional space, a review of the Λ-Fractional Analysis is presented. The Λ-Fractional derivative satisfies the conditions for the existence of a differential, demanded by the Differential Topology, in the Λ-fractional space, where the Λ-derivatives behave like the conventional ones. Hence differential analysis may be valid in the Λ-space. The results are pulled back to the initial space. The present theory is outlined and specified in the fractional differential geometry, differential equations, fields theory, variational problems and applications in mechanics.

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