Nonlinear Operator Theory and Its Applications

Title: Nonlinear Operator Theory and Its Applications
Organiser-Chairman: Dr. Anantachai Padcharoen
Assistant Professor in Mathematics, Rambhai Barni Rajabhat University, Faculty of Science and Technology, 22000 Chanthaburi, Thailand

Aim: Nonlinear operator theory is a topic of nonlinear functional analysis, which has seen increased study interest in recent years. Differential equations, nonlinear ergodic theory, game theory, concerns about optimization, control theory, variational inequality problems, equilibrium problems, and split feasibility problems are all examples of nonlinear problems that can be solved using nonlinear operator theory.

- Iterative Methods
- Nonlinear equations
- Optimization
- Variational Inequality Problems
- Equilibrium Problems
- Split Feasibility Problems
- Interpolation
- The Existence and Uniqueness of Fixed Points
- Fixed point theorems
- Applications of Fixed Point Theorems



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